Hey there, I'm Sara, Nice to meet you
E-commerace Expert, Digital Marketer, Community Growth Specialist, Etsy Coach,
  Machine Embroider, Group Fitness Instructor, Army Veteran, Military Spouse Wife, and Mom of two
Where do you want your business to be in five years?
5 years
5 states
6 businesses
2 kids
Transitioning from my Active Duty Army Life to Full Time Mom- was a hard transition. Like a lot of new moms, I needed something that would use the other side of my brain - I desperately tried to fill the gap I was missing when I left the Military.  I needed something for me, so I taught myself how to machine embroider. I opened an Etsy Store where I sold personalized machine embroidered and monogrammed items. However, I felt like I needed interaction! I did what any good Entrepreneur would, and started another business (a stroller fitness business), so I could meet mom friends and get in shape!
Then, I had another baby and we MOVED, 4 weeks later! My Etsy Store and local Embroidery Business started to boom! My Business outgrew the hours in the day, and I knew I needed to transition to something that didn't require me to actually-physically make the products. This way, I could spend more time with my kids and less time in front of my machine.
After that, I started a children's boutique. I didn't have to make the actual product, but instead would focus on selling the products. After dealing with vendors, season changes and shipping delays, I found that I loved the marketing and advertising of the business so much more! So, I pivoted again...

I began Coaching and Mentoring Business Owners in social media, marketing and community growth.

In March 2020 when everything shut down due to COVID - I felt a moral obligation to help people get off the ground with a business they could start from home, (even if they didn't have anything to sell). So, I started helping Esty Sellers! - I taught them how to start and grow their businesses, and within 48 hours, I grew my Community to 200 and sold my first Course 14 days later to 21 students.
I am passionate about helping businesses grow and scale their communities, their businesses and their impact! 

I offer 1 on 1 Coaching, Course Group Coaching, Consulting, Audits and Done for you Services.
I discovered the secret on how to get your business seen on the internet..
...and how to grow raving fans who will buy anything you sell and now
I'm on a mission to help others just like you!

what I do
Grow and Scale your Online Business
Social media Audit
I take a deep dive into your Etsy Store and give you a full video audit on step by step action steps  to improve your SEO, Tags and Photos get those clicks to turn into paying customers.

Etsy bootcamp
The Etsy Bootcamp is a 5 day self paced Course where you can whip your Etsy Store into shape- We will lay the foundation for SEO, Tags, Titles and Descriptions, and give you all the best practices to finally hear those cha-chings.
Warning, sides effects  are massive increase in sales.

Etsy Rock Star Course
The Etsy Rock Star Secrets Course is the perfect answer for any Etsy seller who is looking to scale their store from part time to full time business. 
From how to level up your Photos, How to incorporate Pintrest, Instagram and Facebook into your marketing plan and How to approach Influencers
1 on 1 Coaching and Consulting to grow and scale your business
Done For you Services
Hire me to take over your Social Media planning, Posting, Group Growth and Management, Ads Management and  marketing and Integrate  and streamline systems into your business for a monthly retainer

VA for a Day 
Not ready for the Monthly investment?
Hire me for the day and we will come up with a social media strategy and I will schedule it on your platforms and the send you videos so that you can implement and recreate it yourself.  
One on One Coaching
Have a business idea but not sure where or how to start? I am a certified business coach and will walk you through your business plan, and hold you hard while you take the first leap through my 8 week coaching services

download the checklist
Get started with my top 25 checklist for what a Virtual Assistant can do for you!
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